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Mrs India™ is Trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Limited .Instituted in 2013 by Mrs Asia International 2012 Deepali Phadnis,Mrs India is India’s largest platform and only national gateway to World Premium Pageants Mrs World,Mrs Asia International and Mrs Planet.

India’s Only National Pageant and Gateway to World’s Premium Beauty Pageants

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Mrs India Registration for Tourism Queen

About Mrs India Contest:

Pioneer in India! Mrs India is India’s largest beauty Pageant for Married Woman and only Gateway to World’s Premium Pageants. Instituted by Deepali Phadnis in 2013, Mrs India gives a Platform to Indian Married Woman to showcase their Beauty, Talent, Glamour and Culture. Leader of Indian Married Woman’s Pageant.

We are proud Pioneer of Pageant System in India that came with Classic Category for Woman above 40 to 45 years of Age. Mrs India is India only Pageant that hosted International preliminaries in India. Started with Mrs Asia International in 2013 and in just one year became home for Mrs World, Mrs Planet and Mrs Asia International. This tremendous success comes with experience of Pageant Director Deepali Phadnis who herself is Mrs Asia International 2012 and first Indian recipient of Asian Woman of Excellence Award for her revolutionary concepts on Mrs India Beauty Pageant.

Apart from Mrs India, We are home to diverse pool of International Pageants for unmarried Ladies and Fashion Asia Awards .For more details please visit us on

Mrs India contest eligibility requirements

Who can apply for Mrs India?Any Indian Married Woman can apply for Mrs India in two Age Groups as below

1.Mrs India – Upto 40 Years of Age
2.Mrs India Classic – Above 40 Years of Age

What is the Age Limit?

Mrs India, I am Woman Eternally Beautiful! Beauty is timeless and Age is just a figure so don’t hesitate go for it .Your time starts now, you can be a Queen Now.

What is Height Criteria for Mrs India?

We don’t look for Models ,We make Role Models© is what Mrs India is all about .Mrs India Celebrates Beauty In Diversity Because Mrs India believes that every Woman is Beautiful and every woman should feel beautiful about herself irrespective to her Height, Weight, Age or Colour. So we do not have specific Height Requirement but we appreciate healthy weight.

Miss Nothing after Marriage So have you missed you Bus? Mrs India is here get on the Board and live your dream of life of Beauty Queen only at Mrs India.

So don’t Hesitate, Go for it Register Now.

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