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Mrs India™ is trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd. Mrs India 2018 is annual Beauty Pageant is based on theme of Beauty In Diversity is committed to makes the Role Models Not Models. Mrs India Winners represent India Internationally .Mrs India Contest is successfully taking place from 2013.Mrs India Pageant is a National Television show witnessed by Millions of people across the Globe.

Mrs India 2017 Winners:

Mrs India 2018:

Mrs India 2018 Registrations are in progress you can apply online on ,For more details kindly visit http://www.MrsIndia.net

Mrs India™2018 is Conceptualized and Directed by Deepali Phadnis .Is the India’s only National Beauty Pageant for married Woman offering International Platform .Mrs India™ is an Annual Beauty Pageant taking place from 2013 , Winners of Mrs India participate in in World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant including Mrs World ,Mrs Asia International ,Mrs Planet.

You can be Next Mrs India 2018 .

Mrs India 2018

Mrs. India,the country’s only national pageant and gateway to premium global beauty pageants, recently announced that applications for their Mrs India 2018 competition are open for registrations.

The Mrs. India just celebrated the success of their Mrs India 2017 pageant this past month and are on a mission to make sure that next year’s event is even more spectacular. “While most pageants focus on looks, the Mrs India Pageant sets itself apart by celebrating Beauty in Diversity to celebrate the confidence, attitude, and achievements of married women.

Mrs India 2017 Beauty In Diversity :

We sincerely believe that marriage makes a woman special. Married women are the backbone of their families and the greatest natural resource to our society as they give their time an energy to important social causes like women ‘s empowerment, education, wellness ,health and environmental issues and eradication of evil practices in the Society ,” said Deepali Phadnis of Mrs. India Pageants and Productions.

“ We were able to do that with a great event this year and all our Past Pageants from last Five Years , and we can’t wait to begin the process of selecting the women we will celebrate in the coming year’s pageant Mrs India 2018” Mrs India 2018 application requires an official registration form, two photos of the applicant, and proof of the applicant’s marriage( In case you do not have registration Copy you can submit Wedding Invitation , Images of Wedding or Letter from Authorities ).

Mrs India 2018’s Zone and state auditions and competitions are held prior to the pageant, and those selected as the Mrs India Winner in Mrs India Karnataka 2018, Mrs India Kerala 2018, Mrs India Chhattisgarh 2018, Mrs India Goa 2018, Mrs India Jharkhand 2018, and the Mrs India North 2018, Mrs India South 2018, Mrs India West 2018, Mrs India North East 2018 , regions will represent their local area at the final round of Mrs. India 2018. P.

Mrs India Contestants gone through Pageant grooming IMAGE BUILDING: Mrs India is only national platform that offers gateway to World’s premium beauty Pageants so we at Mrs India makes sure that Mrs India Contestants are groomed at International Level .Mrs India Contestants are prepared to carry Indian heritage to Modern Woman . Be it Indian Classical Dance or Table etiquette or Sari Draping. Contestants of Mrs. India are perfect presentation if Indian Modern Woman. Mrs India Pageant Grooming is intense and gives 360 degree approach to develop Contestants that kindles their inner strength.Mrs India™ is Trade Mark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd a Concept by Deepali Phadnis who herself is Mrs Asia International 2012 a multifaceted personality with many National and International awards under her Cap. After being art of many International events Deepali realised is Beauty is totally subjective thing and decided to break stereotypes about Beauty with this thought Deepali instituted Mrs India ™ with theme of Beauty in Diversity as every woman is Beautiful and Every Woman should feel Beautiful.

Mrs India™ is the India’s only National Beauty Pageant that offers International to Indian Married Woman from 2013 , Winners of Mrs India participate in in World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant including.

Mrs World,
Mrs Asia International,
Mrs Planet.

Mrs India™ have a remarkable contribution in field of Pageants and Fashion its proved to be the most successful Beauty Pageant for in the Indian History of Pageants for married woman by winning three International Titles in One year.

Mrs India have Won following International Titles in short span of three Years.

1. Mrs Asia International
2. Classic Mrs Asia International
3. Mrs Planet
4. Top 10 Mrs World.

Beauty with Heart Project:

Mrs India™ strongly believes Beauty has no meaning without cause and to stay true to this our Pageant works on Diabetes awareness along with NGO Green Queen. Till date we have contributed to this cause by raising funds for Type-1 Diabetic BPL Children’s by Selling T-Shirts, Personal Donations, Filming a Documentary film with Padmashri Doctor Mohan , Cycle Rallies, Yoga ,Awareness camps for Women . Our contribution is been appreciated in many National and regional magazine .We have donated funds, Gluco Strips and Medical Emergency ID cards for Type 1 Diabetic children.





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