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About Mrs India™ – Mrs India™ 2016 “I am Woman Eternally Beautiful©” India’s Largest National Platform to showcase Beauty, Glamour, Talent and Culture of Indian Married Woman.

At Mrs India™ we don’t look for Models but we Make Role Models©. We firmly believe Married Women is biggest natural resource of any Country, She is backbone of family and society. It is very important to recognises and appreciates her contribution to family and social values as this will not only encourage her better but will inspire many more.

Mrs India™ is Trade Mark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd a Concept by Deepali Phadnis who herself is Mrs Asia International 2012 a multifaceted personality with many National and International awards under her Cap. After being art of many International events Deepali realised is Beauty is totally subjective thing and decided to break stereotypes about Beauty with this thought Deepali instituted Mrs India ™ with theme of Beauty in Diversity as every woman is Beautiful and Every Woman should feel Beautiful.

Mrs India™ is the India’s only National Beauty Pageant that offers International to Indian Married Woman from 2013 , Winners of Mrs India participate in in World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant including.

Mrs World,
Mrs Asia International,
Mrs Planet.

Mrs India™ have a remarkable contribution in field of Pageants and its proved to be the most successful Beauty Pageant for in the Indian History of Pageants for married woman by winning three International Titles in One year.

Mrs India have Won following International Titles in short span of three Years.

1. Mrs Asia International
2. Classic Mrs Asia International
3. Mrs Planet
4. Top 10 Mrs World.

Beauty with Heart Project:

Mrs India™ strongly believes Beauty has no meaning without cause and to stay true to this our Pageant works on Diabetes awareness along with NGO Green Queen. Till date we have contributed to this cause by raising funds for Type-1 Diabetic BPL Children’s by Selling T-Shirts, Personal Donations, Filming a Documentary film with Padmashri Doctor Mohan , Cycle Rallies, Awareness camps for Women . Our contribution is been appreciated in many National and regional magazine .We have donated funds, Gluco Strips and Medical Emergency ID cards for Type 1 Diabetic children.

Winners of Mrs India 2016.

Mrs India World 2016 – Mohini Mane Sharma from Mumbai.
Mrs India Asia International 2016 – Seema Subedi from Shilong.
Mrs India Planet 2016 – Asha Joice 2016 from Bangalore.
Classic Mrs India Asia International All Nations 2016 – Darshini P from Hyderabad.
Classic Mrs India Asia International Global 2016 – Anita Pradyumna from Mumbai.

Mrs India 2016’s International Success:

Winning of Mrs Asia International 2016:

Mrs India is making India’s proud from 2013 and Mrs India 2016 was not an exception. Mrs Asia International 2016 was held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where 30 Contestants from all across Asia Participated. Mrs India made India proud by wining Mrs Asia International 2016 and numerous Subtitles at Mrs Asia International 2016.

Mrs Planet 2016: Mrs India participated at Mrs Planet which was held at Sofia, Bulgaria where 26 Contestants from all around the Planet participated for coveted title of Mrs Planet 2016. Mrs India made India proud by winning Mrs Planet Star title.

Mrs World 2016: Mrs India is participating World most prestigious, oldest and largest Beauty Pageant Mrs World from 2013, Mrs World 2016 is scheduled in October 2016. Mrs India is all set to represent India among 50 Nations across the World .Mrs India is confident enough to make mark and live the glory of India at Mrs World 2016.

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