Mrs India 2017 2018 Finalist Leena Sharma

Mrs India 2018 :

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Mrs India 2017 Finalist Leena Sharma

Mrs India 2018 2017 FinalistQ1. What motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: The first ray of rising sun motivates me to get out of the bed and inspires me to do good for all, in the same manner sun start spreading its light in all corners.

Q2. You’re most memorable moment with Mrs. India 2017?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: When I was wearing the crown of Mrs. India Rajasthan it was an amazing moment for me that time I felt all my dreams turning true and it boosted my confidence to do better in future.

Q3. If you can be swap a role of one person from family who that would be and why?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: I want to be an idol image of my mother because she was very loving and caring member of my family under whose guidance and shadow my family tree grown up with deep love and happy environment. She was a brave, elegant and courageous lady who motivated to face and fight against odd circumstances in life. Whatever potentials seen in me is only due to her values which were transferred to me right from my childhood and I want it to transfer it to my kids.

Q4. What do you do when you are not working?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: When I am not working I love to spend time with my family. I like to play badminton, dancing or singing and exploring different places and cultures.

Q5. How would you describe yourself in one word and why?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: The word describes me best is “CHARISMA”. It means “A special personal quality or power making an individual or capable of influencing or inspiring large number of people”. I am down to earth, practical and have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Other tends to depend on me, and I like to be depended on. I am happiest when surrounded by family and friends. Everyone loves me.

Q6. Who inspires you and why?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: I am really inspired by Kiran Bedi, she is first female IPS officer in the male dominated field. Her strong decisions for fighting injustice, standing strong for the poor are most countable. She always made her presence felt with her firm decisions. Her courage and achievements have a great influence on women and younger generation of India. Her speeches have and continue to inspire woman to raise their voice against injustice and work hard for a good life.

Q7. What is your favorite quote and why?


Appearance gives you instant importance but your inner beauty sustains it. I feel beauty is not about what we see in the mirror it’s about what we feel about our self. Our physical beauty stays for the time but our inner beauty will stay with us till we are alive.

Q8. What is your favorite outfit?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: I decide my outfits according to the occasion. I wear outfit that suits me and make me comfortable. I can carry any outfit in a decent manner as I am a businesswoman and running NGO I used to wear saris it enhances my personality and give me an elegant look .When I go for outings with my friends and for parties, I wear casuals like Jeans tees, gowns ,three fourth pants with long kurta, short dresses, skirts etc.

Q9. If you want to go on vacation what would be your plan?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: On vacation I would like to explore the cultural and traditional values of the spot and would like to take the heart touching points to adopt them near and around me.

Q10. What is your spiritual practice?

Mrs India 2017 Finalist: I like to practice meditation in peaceful and calm atmosphere, it help me to meet myself who I am and what I am doing. It gives me more power potential and concentration for my work.

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