Mrs India 2017 Finalist Aishwarya Raghav

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What Motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning ?
Hachi my loving golden retriever who waits for me for morning walk
Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017 
My full journey of  Mrs India till date is memorable moment for me. It has given a platform to me to express my internal and external zeal of life.
If you can be swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why?
Well it will my mother in law as I wanted to see my caring n loving husband as a child and care for him as he cares and understands me now.
What do you do when you are not working 
I spend time with my husband and hachi. Also I practice dance.
How would you describe Yourself in one Word  And Why  
Wonderful As I enjoy nature and it’s beauty
Who inspires you and why  
My source of inspiration is nature around you despite difficulties created by us it creates it’s own way
What is your favorite Quote and why
Experience is a teacher which takes test first and gives lesson afterwards. I believe one should always have  scope of learning by things experienced in day today life with a habit of accepting mistakes if committed
What is Your Favorite Outfit 
Traditional north Indian lehenga
If your want to go on Vacation what would be your plan
Pack the luggage and proceed to some remote area in Himalayas away from this world into the lap of nature
What is your spiritual practice
In my opinion the biggest religion on earth is humanity, practice humanity which will lead you to your inner soul satisfaction.

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