Mrs India 2017 Finalist Bhawna Bishnoi

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Mrs India 2017 Finalist Bhawna Bishnoi

Mrs India 2018 2017 Finalist1-What Motivates you to get out of yourbed in the morning ?
Answer- I’ve always been an early riser, i always wake up right at the time when my alarm beeps because every night before sleeping i make an action plan for the next day. My goals that I need to achieve that day motivates me to get out of my bed every morning.
2-Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017?
 Answer- I have two most memorable moments with Mrs. India 2017, first for sure is the crowning when I was titled Mrs. India Rajasthan classic, and second moment when i felt really lucky that i am part of this competition was the talent round. I was mesmerized to see my co-contestants performing so well that i myself got a boost in my confidence, and I really appreciate Mrs. India Beauty Peagent for giving us ladies such huge platform to come out our shells and be the best of what we are.
 3-If you can be swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why?
 Answer- My family has always been my strength and support system, I’ve always been a proud daughter, wife and mother. I would never want to swap with anyone in my family because I am completely content within myself and my life.
 4-What do you do when you are not working ?
 Answer- Well when I’m not working which is very rare in my case, I love to spend time with my family which I don’t usually get because of my schedule, I love to cook so whenever I get time I try new and different recipes and try them out with my children. As they say Idea of best sunday is to have a delicious brunch with family, I believe in this and love spending time with my children.
 5-How would you describe Yourself in one Word ? And Why ?
 Answer- Tenacious is the word which describes me best, because the only thing in my favor is that I am very tenacious. I don’t take ‘no’ very well. When i decide anything which i need to achieve i never back down on it and thats what have helped me in my life always.
 6-Who inspires you and why ?
 Answer- To be very honest i am not inspired by any one particular person, there are many people i meet and come across in my life who inspire me. For me being inspired means learning from someone’s experience and struggle and motivating myself to be a better person that i can be. There are many people that I know who have really good qualities and have done many things for our society and i feel that is what we a should do, not following anyone else’s footmarks but making your own.
 7-What is your favorite Quote and why ?
 Answer- It may sound funny but my favorite quote is written by teenage popstar whose shows and movies my daughter used to watch in her teenage days Miley Cyrus Or Hannah Montana as we all say.
“Life’s a climb, But the view is great”
I truly believe in this quotation because i can relate it to myself becuase in journey of life a person is always climbing, always struggling but in midst of all that the view which one gets to see the experience they have is the most important lesson which can ever be learned.
 8-What is Your Favorite Outfit ?
 Answer- My favorite outfit is Saree for sure because it looks best on me in my opinion, moreover wearing a saree gives me a boost of confidence with an ethnic touch in my appearance, saree is always the most preffered outfit for me.
 9-If you want to go on Vacation what would be your plan ?
 Answer- I would love to go on a vacation in north-east India because i love spending time in natural beauty and peace. North-east region of our country is full of essence of peace with beautiful sceneries and monasteries. And i would love to spend my time in such beauty far away from noisy citylights for some time.
 10-What is your spiritual practice ?
 Answer- My spiritual practice is Meditation because it helps me keep my mind calm and composed. deep breathing and meditation helps me overcome all my fears, anxiety, aggression and disappointments. I consider meditation as part of my life and also suggest to practice it more as it shows most considerable difference.

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