Mrs India 2017 Finalist Dr.Shruthi Gowda

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1)What motivates you to get out of your bed in d morning?
Ans: Every morning is a new opportunity to take up new challenges, to fulfill ur dreams,to learn from ur mistakes,to improve urself everyday and make each day better than yesterday.
2)Your most memorable moment with Mrs India?
Ans: On January 21st 2017, I was crowned as Mrs India Karnataka representing as the queen of my own state Karnataka.That was the most memorable significant achievement and experience I had In d journey of Mrs India 2017
3)If you can be swap a role of one person from family who that would be and why?
Ans: Its my “MOM ” bcs she recognises true beauty from the inside.She s very greatful of beautiful minds,of vivacious spirits and of genuine hearts.I just hope that I am able to spread the same amount of joy,beauty,compassion and comfort that she has still and always will.
4)What do u do when you are not working?
Ans: I would love to spend time with my kid,my family and loved ones bcos there is only one happiness in life- to love and to be loved.
5)How would u describe yourself in one word and why?
Ans: I am an “Optimistic” person. I look at things in a positive way.This is a happiness magnet.If u stay positive good things and good people will be drawn to u.
6)Who inspires you and why?
Ans: My latest Inspiration is none other than the “Iron Lady” Jayalalitha ji bcs she is the true role model for millions of women to realise their power in public service and nation.She is a true fighter and for that I admire her.
7)What is your favourite quote and why?
Ans:”Enjoy the little things in life for one day u you’ll look back and realise they were the bid things”
Bcs life is too short to be miserable. ” Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”
8)What is ur favourite outfit?
Ans: My clothing of choice is Indian outfit especially “saree” bcs it has its own style of draping and embellishing the garment.
9)If you want to go on vacation what would be your plan?
Ans: I would love to go to my home town “HASSAN” bcs I personally feel for every women no place is as beautiful and as relaxing as her Mom’s Place where she relives all her memorable moments.
10)What is ur spiritual practice?
Ans: Personally am a big believer in YOGA bcs before u connect to the outer world u need to get inside and need to speck deeper meanings of life.
    Warm regards,
Dr Shruthi Gowda
Mrs India Karnataka 2017

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