Mrs India 2017 Finalist Kalpana Thakur

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Mrs India 2017 Finalist Kalpana ThakurMrs India 2018 2017 Finalist


  1. What Motivates you to get out of yourbed in the morning ?
    Ans :- Perform duties of a Mother, a daughter-in-law, a wife & of course a new day with new things to do .
  2. Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017
    Ans:- when I got appreciation for my talent about Go Green Activities and social awarenes.
  3. If you can be swap a role of one person from Family who that would be and why ?
    Ans:- My father in law. Reason,he is most disciplined person,at the age of 75 he walks 5-6 km without any break,he gets information of every issues from internet, prints out that information & binds them. Today he is having hundreds of such ‘books ‘ on various topics at home ! He never compromises with any of his principles.. he is our role model .
  4. What do you do when you are not working ?
    Ans :- My mind works & body takes rest . It helps me to start things quickly as time is precious !
  5. How would you describe Yourself in one Word ? And Why ?
    Ans:- Always a Learner.. Because I always keep on learning new things & try to create best out of waste !!
  6. Who inspires you and why ?
    Ans:- Deepti Naval..!! Every one knows her as versatile actress, writer, painter & singer, BUT she is full of energy, simple,always creative & encourages me to go ahead whatever the outcome is.
  7. What is your favorite Quote and why ?
    Ans:- Famous Geeta updesh “कर्म करो फल की चिंता मत करो” it always motivates to keep moving in life & do good without thinking for any reward.
  8. What is Your Favorite Outfit ?
    Ans :- simple cotton  kurta -Paijama ..!!
  9. If your want to go on Vacation what would be your plan.
    Ans:-  Spend quality time with family & try to collect detailed information of that area so that I may maintain the dignity & social values of that area.
  10. What is your spiritual practice  ?
    Ans:- Believe in karma !

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  • Rohit Sharma

    Kalpana thakur

  • Papori Baruah Gogoi

    Kalpana….you can do it! Just believe in yourself.

  • Archana Nasheehat

    You have worked incredibly hard.Good luck for all your efforts, wishing you get what you truly deserve. Best of luck Kalpana Thakur.

  • Ashu

    All the very best Kalpana …!!

  • archana Patodia

    You r very creative n unique….. All the best …for me you r always a winner…keep going

  • Prem Thakur

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Sunita Katoch

    Kalpana thakur

  • Shamsher Singh

    Kalpana thakur

  • Rajesh Anand

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Pradeep Katoch

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Kuldeep Kamal

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Balbir Singh

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Balbir Singh

    Kalpana Thakur is the Best

  • Sudershna Bhanu

    Kalpana thakur

  • Roshan Lal Thakur

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Gopal Singh

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Tashi Wangchuk

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Sumit

    Kalpana thakur ji is deserving as she is pro active, intelligent , confident, beautiful. She is not only beautiful but have brain as well to cope up any of the competition. Best of Luck.

  • Meenakshi Kehar

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Sonia Nanda

    Kalpana thakur

  • Madhu Lahane

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Pottam Rathore

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Madhu Deshmukh

    kalpana Thakur

  • Sirijan

    My vote is for the most talented lady I’ve ever witnessed so far, Kalpana Thakur ^^, no matter who gets the honor to represent our nation – she has already represented my heart, that means a lot to me and even for everyone else she has blessed, Good luck!!

  • Jeet Sharma

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Samarth Sharma

    All the best Kalpna.

  • Ranveer Singh

    Kalpana thakur

  • Ravi Bodh

    Kalpana thakur

  • Surjeet Kumar

    Kalpna Thakur

  • Tejinder Sharma

    kalpana Thakur

  • Amar Ibex

    Kalpana thakur

  • Monica Kumar

    Kalpana Thakur All the best!!

  • Praveena

    My vote for
    Kalpana Thakur
    All the best mam

  • Akshad Venkatesh

    All the best. My vote for you Kalpana Ma’am !!!

  • Pankaj Bisht

    All the best Di….my vote for Kalpana Thakur

  • Kunga Bodh Anuji

    I support Kalpana Thakur

  • Pankaj Bisht

    All the best vote for Kalpana Thakur

  • jayant

    My vote for very talented and a beautiful person kalpana thakur…
    I am sure u again gonna make himachal proud.

  • Nawang Gialchhan Bodh

    Himachal Pradesh is most beautiful state in the India and Smt. Kalpana Thakur is Mrs. Himachal Pradesh 2017.She is most beautiful,attractive,talented,,Clear hearted,submissive,humble,hardworking married woman .She desrves the crown of Mrs Undia-2017.I vote,support and promote her name for the winner prize.

  • Sreekumar Nair

    Enjoy the journey…….be what you are….and leave the rest to the almighty…..
    Best Wishes

  • Sunita Doma

    All the best kalpna Thakur…

  • Sanjay Soni

    My vote for kalpana Thakur

  • Netar Singh

    Kalpana thakur

  • Imazine Holiday

    All the best….Kalpana Thakur

  • Imazine Holiday

    My vote for Kalpana Thakur

  • Imazine Holiday

    My vote & support for Kalpana Thakur

  • Annu Bisht

    Kalpana thakur

  • Vaibhav Srivastava

    I support kalapana thakur.. My vote purely goes to her. She is truely a winner.

  • Karan Constructions

    My vote Kalpana Thakur

  • Pankaj Imazine

    Kalpana Thakur….All the best

  • Pankaj Singh Bisht

    My vote & support for Kalpana Thakur

  • Tsering Barchipa

    Kalpana thakur ❤️

  • Victor Dhissa

    My vote for kalpna thakur….

  • Girish Sharma


  • Shazia Bhat

    Support kalpana

  • Dekied Palmo

    My favourite contestant is Mrs Kalpna Thakur

    • Dekied Palmo

      My favourite contestant is Mrs Kalpna Thakur. My vote goes to Finalist Mrs Kalpna thakur

  • jayant

    No. 1 Kalpana thakur

  • jayant

    Most Talented Kalpana Thakur

  • jayant

    Everyone Vote For Kalpana Thakur

  • Sonam Dolu

    kalpana Thakur

  • Kumud Bisht

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Pooja Bisht

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Shalini Vidyarthi

    Kalpana thakur

  • Priya Urvashi

    Kalpana Thakur..most talented, vivacious person..wishing her good vote n support for you 🙂

  • Bhupinder Rana

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Ajay Kumar

    Kalpana thakur❤️

  • Gypsy Traveler

    Kalpana thakur

  • Nawang Gialchhan Bodh

    I vote for Kalpana Thakur

  • Kunal Narang

    kalpana thakur

  • Kanishk Sood

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Aaina Trehan

    Kalpana Thakur <3

  • Yashwant Singh Bisht

    I vote for Kalpna thakur

  • Renu Bhalla Trehan

    Big Vote to my dear KALPNA THAKUR

  • Vikas bhatt

    My vote for Mrs kalpna thakur

  • Sonia Munish Mukherji

    My vote for Mrs kalpna Thakur

  • Rumneek Massey

    My vote for Kalpana Thakur.

  • Preeti Sethi

    My vote for Kalpana Thakur

  • Aneela Kumari Dabra

    I vote and support Kalpna Thakur ❤️

  • Amit Burathoki

    I know Mrs Kalpana from my childhood.let me tell you people iwas not an easy journey for her she has seen lots of hardships. Being a amazing mother of two wodrfull kids and being a responsible wife and woring lady she managed to reach the level which is beyond immagination,ipray for you Bua ji and i truly support your hardwork. I even reqst my frllow indians and specially people of Himachal to support her as yr loving daughter to support her.Good luck BHUA U ROCK.

  • Wahengbam Ghanajit Ghanu

    She has done alot for many individual… and therefore what i could return her is my support for her…. @Kalpana Thakur ❤

  • archana Patodia

    My vote to Kalpna Thakur

  • Jony- Singh

    All the best

  • Vikram Katoch

    My vote to kalpana Thakur ji. I wish her all the very best.

  • Sandeep Sharma

    My vote to kalpna thakur. All the very best!!

  • Krishan Thakur

    Kalpna thakur❤

  • Radha Ngo

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Neelkanth Cottage Manali

    Kalpana Thakur….
    Blessings from entire Neelkanth family

  • Sudershan Bhatt

    Kalpana Thakur

  • Shailaja Shetty
  • Shailaja Shetty

    Yes… You choosen perfect lady ….. Mrs. Thakur definitely deserves it…. And she maintain the dignity of the crown……. We vote…. Mrs. KALPANA THAKUR……

  • Amit Burathoki

    My vote is for Mrs Kalpana Thakur.

  • Poonam Irengbam

    MY vote for kalpana

  • Swetha Poornima Veladi

    Congratulations Aunty!!! You are a true inspiration!!! My vote for Kalpana Aunty!!

  • Rohit Shabnam

    My vote for Mrs. Kalpana Thakur

  • Ipsingh Sekhon

    OUR vote for kalpana Thakur a real Mrs. INDIA good wishes

  • Harsh Bhalla

    Kalpana thakur

  • Nischay 007

    Kalpana thakur

  • Sahil Ghai

    Kalpana thakur

  • Adhyan Bhalla


  • Ekam Singh

    Kalpana thakur

  • Gaurav Arora

    @mrs.kalpana thakur

  • Ramesh Lal

    Congratulations for the grand success and our best wishes for future endeavors.

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