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Mrs India 2017 Finalist Samiksha Karmalkar Harji

What motivates you to get out of your bed I the morning?

Ans:Being blessed with one more day in life is itself a great feeling which motivates me to go out and just spread happiness around,coz I believe life is like a race u have to keep moving.and life is too short to worry about anything just enjoy every bit of life!
Your most memorable moment with Mrs.India Goa 2017?
Ans:The best moment more than winning the title was when most of them from audience came and said to me that they all wanted to me to win coz they found me the most genuine person on stage who was herself and was not pretending,the most connecting contestant with everyone present there!that moment was itself was winning moment for me.
If you can swap a role of person from family who that would be and why?
Ans:I would love to swap my son role as I would do so many things which I couldn’t do when I was small.
What you do when your not working?
Ans:when iam not working I just spend all my time with my son,enjoy every bit of it and I just love to do so!
How would u describe yourself in one word?and why?
Ans:POSITIVE I think being positive towards everything in life is very important thats wat iam ALWAYS,u have to be positive in everyway, coz that will take u a long way,once positive nothing can affect you.
Who inspires you in life and why?
Ans:my mother inspires me in my life everyday and  always, and the reason is very simple coz I have always grew up looking up to her the way she handles everything,the way she manages whole house everyone in house and still never complains about anything anytime till date!her love,is just out of this world,and I know that watever iam today is only because of her,and I know I can’t take her place but want to be close to wat she is.
What is your favourite quote?and why?
What is your favorite outfit?
Ans:my all time favorite outfit is Saree I think it defines me the best!
If you want to go on vacation what would be your plan?
Ans:Anytime if I would go on a vacation than it would be the longest vacation and place would be defntly where it will be calm and quite!
What is your spiritual practice?
Ans:I believe God is everywhere and also believe in Extending one hand to help somebody has more value than joining two hands for prayers!

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