Mrs India 2017 Finalist Seena Zachariah

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Mrs India 2018 2017 Finalist

Q.1.What motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning?
Ans. Thanking God for another day and my children’s faces
Q2.Your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017
Ans.Winning the Mrs classic title
Q.3.If you can swap a role of 1 person from your family who would if be and why?
Ans.I would love to be my 15 year old daughter.She laughs so easily all day long .She smiles when she argues I would like to be her to experience it all,think the way she thinks so that I can help her more
Q4.What do you do when you are not working
Ans .I do some vegetable gardening
Q5.How do you describe yourself in one word and why?
Ans. Very positive person. Because I can bounce back to face reality
Q .6.Who inspires you and why
Ans. It’s me . Because everyday is a task to do better than yesterday.
Q.7.Whats your favourite Quote and Why?
Ans .DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU IF I have to be treated well I have to treat others well.Give and it shall be given to you.
Q.8.What is your favourite outfit
Q.9.If you want to go on a vacation?
Definitely plan and organise.see all the important places,enjoy local cuisine see how the people live in n that country.Their way of living
Q.10.What is your spiritual practice?
Start the day with Bible reading and prayer.And same before going to bed.
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