Mrs India 2017 Finalist Tanuja Verma

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Mrs India 2018 :

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To get more details about Mrs India 2017 Grand Finale .

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 :

Mrs India 2018 2019 2017 Finalist Himanchal Pradehs

Q.1   What Motivates you to get out of your bed in the morning ?

Mrs India Finalist 2018 2018.  Family responsibility especially to help the child and in the service of my parents and husband.

Q.2   your most memorable moment with Mrs India 2017 ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018. When I hear my name as 2nd runner up. I feel that how lucky I am to represent my city. That was the most memorable moment.

Q.3  If you can be swap a role of one person from family who that would be  and why ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018 . papa (father in law ) because he always stands for the family and take the right decisions.

4 What do you do when you are not working ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018.  I think about development of my family also I want to motivate one or two person about betterment of society

5 How would you describe yourself in one word. And why?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018. FUTURE ORIENTED…. Because  past is gone present is running. I always looking for the future which we can make ourselves.

Q.6  Who inspires you and why ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018.  My husband inspite me because my happiness is also his happiness.

Q.7   What is your favorite Quote and why ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018. Bhagwat Geeta . because it gives us the practical practice of life.

8 What is your favorite Outfit ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018.  I love to wear suits.

Q.9    If you want to go on vacation what would be your plan ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018. I want to spend more timing with my family and also want to see the places of historical importance.

10 What is your spiritual practice ?

Mrs India Finalist 2017 2018. I remember my almighty in my heart. I don’t believe in show off. I pray always betterment of all.


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