Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agrawal Beauty With Heart Project

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Mrs. India 2017 – Prachi Agrawal on Beauty with Heart

Mrs. India 2017 Finalist Prachi Agrawal walks the Ramp but this time for Charity. Mrs. India’s Flagship Project “Beauty with heart Project “chosen her story that inspires.

When Prachi decided to work for Children’s by helping them she never thought her little efforts will make big difference to them while bringing smile on these children’s Prachi decided to continue her efforts under Flagship project of Mrs India “Beauty With Heart” here is beautiful story of our Beautiful Queen .

Mrs India Prachi Agrawal

Mrs India Finalist on Beauty with Heart Project

The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.Benjamin Disraeli 

True to these lines Mrs. India 2017 Finalist and Mrs. India North 2017 First Runners-up Prachi Agrawal is living Queendom to the real sense .

Queen is just not living every moment as Mrs. India Contestant but living it with responsibility making it meaningful with every effort she can take with her best capability.

Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agrawal

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Prachi Agrawal

Mrs India a Journey :

From the moment Prachi Agrawal’s journey started with Mrs. India 2017 there is no looking back,Prachi decided to take it best efforts to make her reign special and inspirational and she did it how ?f Queen is really busy making Celebrity appearances ,working on various Modeling assignments and not for mention grooming herself ,taking care of diet and fitness.

Mrs India 2017 Winner

Mrs India 2017 North Crowning Moments

However in all this Gilts and Glam Queen does not forget what it takes to be Queen of Mrs. India it’s about being a Responsible, Being Compassionate.

Mrs India 2017 Prachi Agrawal on Beauty with Heart

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Prachi Agrawal

Mrs. India 2017 Finalist Prachi Agrawal is helping Children’s from financially weak section of society by giving them Platform to showcase Talent and promote it to state level.

Very purpose of Prachi is to encourage little tots to concentrate on Talent they have, promote them and help them financially so that they don’t have to give-up on their dreams just because of financial issues.

Prachi has raised funds which will be used to give training to these Talented Children’s by honing their skills further , Prachi is still working to promote them to state and national level.

Well Prachi’ s thoughts and efforts are worth noticing .We at Mrs. India are so proud our Mrs. India 2017 Finalist Prachi Agrawal and we wish her luck .



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