Mrs India 2017 – Swetha Singh with MyCityWoman

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Mrs India 2017 – Swetha Singh for Animal Welfare

Mrs India 2018 Beauty With Heart

Mrs India with MyCityWoman

What else is beautiful than being a Voice for one who cannot Speak? Standing for all Living things around you who deserves to be treated just like you. After all Earth is made for all not just for Human Beings.

At Mrs India we are so proud of our Mrs India South 2017 Runner-up and Mrs India Finalist Swetha Sing from Manchester UK who decided use her Crown to be a Voice for one who cannot speak ,isn’t that beautiful ?

Mrs India 2018 Swetha Singh“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” –Charles Darwin

With this Noble thought Mrs India 2017 Finalist Swetha Sing has taken a first step towards Animal Welfare.
In recently held Annual NRI Women’s Macclesfield Summer Meet, Mrs India 2017 Finalist – Swetha Singh was invited to honor the event as the Chief Guest Speaker. Where Mrs India’s Queen used this unique opportunity to speak about Animal Welfare and its importance as being Human its our responsibility that all living creatures are treated with humane.

Mrs India 2018 Swetha Sing

Mrs India 2017 Finalist Swetha Sing addressing

Mrs India Finalist Sweta Singh laid emphasis on the urgent need for all life forms to be treated equally. Be it Animals at Home or In Test Labs, Entertainment or at Farm, many times Animals are subjected to Cruelty. Most of the times Animals are treated without any human feelings or assumed that Animal have no feelings while Animals are as sensitive as Human.

Mrs India 2018 Swetha Singh (6)

Mrs India Says Charity Starts at Home

As rightly said Charity starts at home, this Speech by Mrs India Finalist Shweta Singh among ladies of association is going to bring awareness about Animal welfare right from their own households as we all are surrounded by Animals. Now this act of Mrs India 2017 Finalist Swetha Sing is going to bring conscious feelings be it a Pet at Home or Product we Buy might have been tested Cruelly on Animals.

Mrs India 2018 Swetha Singh (6)

During the event, Mrs India Finalist Swetha as well spoke about her life-changing experience at the prestigious Mrs India South pageant and also promoted the importance of investing time and resources in oneself which is the very motto of the Macclesfield Women’s association. Swetha Singh been part of The Women’s Macclesfield Summer Meet which is an annual event that celebrates the spirit of independence in women and is honoured by women from all walks of life.’

Mrs India 2018 Swetha Singh (6)Mrs India Pageants is very proud of Mrs India Finalist Swetha Singh’s kind but very important message and cause of Animal Welfare.



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