Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat Meets Mrs Madhulika Rawat of AWWA

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Mrs India 2017 Winner is Proud Army Wife

Mrs India Celebrates Bathukamma 

Mrs India 2017 Winner and a Proud Army wife Rinku Bhakat is not less than any Hero ,As Rightly said “One of Toughest Ladies You will ever meet are the once who stand behind our Soldiers “ . When our husband if fighting at border for Nation, We Army wives are protecting our Fort back home being anchor of Family and sending strength to beloved Husband.

Mrs India 2017 Winner at Mrs India 2017 National Pageant

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India 2018 Winner Rinku BhakatMrs India 2017 Winners: “What it takes to be An Army Wife?”

Well Army is all about Strength, Fitness and discipline and that’s all takes it and makes us strong in fact all who are related to Army, First and Foremost must be an Army Wife “ says a Proud Army wife and Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat who recently Won Classic Mrs India 2017 title at National Finale of Mrs India 2017 , Rinku Bhakat participated in Mrs India Himanchal 2017 and entered National Finale of Mrs India 2017 .

Mrs India 2018 WinnerIt is not only a Physical strength but what it takes is Emotional strength to be a Army wife , We never get tired of Packing and unpacking , We learn to adopt New Places so easily ,we know how to stay live happily away from husband and take care of family single handed yet you will notice we Never Complain about it . In fact I have learned how to cherish each and every moment I am with my Hubby, I have learned how to appreciate the days I spent with him . This is not only what it takes to be a Army Wife, Army life teaches us to be more responsible not only towards your Family but around each and everyone around you. We just don’t attend Ball Parties but we reach out among Army to help and support. We are been deployed full time but on silent positions.

Every Army wife takes pride in being one and in fact we live with unity and Indian Army have a very Big association that connects us , it is a Large platform to help and support Army Wives .

Mrs India 2017 Crowning Glory :

Mrs India 2017 Winner at AWWA , Army Wives Welfare Association :

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat informed that AWWA is the acronym for Army Wives Welfare Association. AWWA works for the welfare of the spouses, children and dependents of the Army personnel, it is aptly referred as the invisible hands that shape the punch of the Indian Army.

AWWA association has been officially registered as a Welfare Society with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi Administration on 23 August 1966; the day being celebrated as AWWA Day.  It is one of the largest voluntary organizations in India that has charted its course for fulfilling the societal obligation through social empowerment and skill building of spouses and dependents of Army personnel since inception.

Mrs India 2018 2017 Rinku Bhakat (8)AWWA aims at the holistic development and well-being of Army Wives including their children and rehabilitation of war widows and differently-abled children.

As Army wife I am proudly associated with AWWA and recently did have an opportunity to meet First Lady of Indian Army Mrs Madhulika Rawat at Sena Bhawan, New Delhi

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku’s Woman’s Empowerment

Mrs India 2018 2017 Rinku Bhakat (8)Mrs India 2018 2017 Rinku Bhakat (8)Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat’s meeting First Lady of Indian Army

One of my greatest mommets in my life is when I got opportunity to meet First Lady of Indian Army , Wife of General Bipin Rawat ,she is our Role Model we all look up to her . It was such a thrilling experience to meet Mrs Madhulika Rawat at Sena Bhawan, New Delhi . I traveled all the way to Delhi only to see her and seek her wishes for my participation at International Pageant later this Year at Shanghai China for Mrs Asia International.

Mrs India 2017 Winner on Empowerment !

It was warm welcome by Mrs Madhulika Rawat at Sena Bhavan ,she was so happy to know that Army Wife has won this Year’s Classic Mrs India 2017 title and will represent India Internationally .

Honourable Mrs Madhulika Rawat felt so content and proud to know about my contribution in Social welfare on women empowerment, Female education in slum areas in Himachal Pradesh which is not only limited to Army but extended my helping hands towards everyone I can .

Mrs India 2017 Winner meets First Lady of Indian Army :

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku BhakatMrs India 2017 Winner takes initiate for Woman Welfare 

Mrs India 2017 Rinku Bhakat have taken all initiate to shape-up Himachal Defense Women Welfare Association and requested Mrs Madhulika Rawat to bring this to larger scale and to make it to reality HDWA will merge with AWWA , this is highlight and achievement of Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat and she proved one more time that she is Role Model , Mrs India 2017 .

It is been assured that representatives of AWWA will visit Himachal Pradesh to aware ladies about their rights and privileges given by Army trough AWWA. They will also conduct motivational lectures and camps regarding hygiene and sanitation and many more.

Mrs India 2017 Winner’s initiative :

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat

Mrs India 2017 Winner 2017 is a Proud Army wife who knows No Boundaries

 Our Queen is born at Jharkhand in Bengali Family but Proudly represented Himanchal Pradesh so beautifully and with ease , Credit of this proficiency must come from Mrs. India’s Army background who knows no Boundaries but only One Nation India .Who travel in every nook and corner of India without any complains . Mrs India 2017 winner have passion for Madhubani paintings, Queen shares her passion with Woman’s to help them get employment, as Mrs. India 2017 Rinku Bhakat strongly feels Financial independence is real empowerment of Woman so I help Woman from Army and even from Civil to make Madhubani painting, handicrafts, woolen products .

Mrs India 2017 Winner’s Initiative on Woman Empowerment :

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku BhakatThese products can now be sold through AWWA thus providing a greater market for the same. Hence the ladies of Himachal Pradesh will get permanent source of income through AWWA and will be self-dependent. India 2017 Rinku Bhakat was really happy to make this happen as this gives bigger platform to Ladies from Himanchal Pradesh.

Mrs India 2017 Winner Rinku Bhakat gifted her Paintings Chief Minister of Jharkhand Mr Raghuvar Das .

At Mrs India Pageants we are very proud of our Mrs India 2017 Winner who is doing every bit a Queen of Mrs India should do because she is not just a Model She is a Role Model.

Mrs India 2017 National Grand Finale :



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