Mrs India 2018 2019 Telanagana Bathukamma Goddess Laxmi

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Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2018‘s state Level Mrs India Telangana 2018 was a enormous success that did not only showcased  Beauty In Diversity of Indian Woman but Diversity of Rich Cultural Heritage of Telangana State  . Telangana is one of Most Diverse states of India that have seen great Dynasty of The Cholas who ruled most of the southern India to Monarchs of Nizams which has left it impact on Telanagana in its own beautiful way making it one of Unique yet Most Diverse states of India .

Mrs India Telangana 2018 2019 :

Mrs India 2018 Telangana platform showcased this diversity to the fullest possible way ,One of which was Bathukamma where Mrs India 2018 Telangana Contestant showcased her beauty and cultural as Bathukamma which literally means Life which is Celebrated as incarnation of Goddess Laxmi in the form of Bathuk a girl child born in royal family of Great Chhola Dynasty .

Mrs India Telangana 2018 2019

Mrs India 2018 2019 2020Till Today Telangana state Celebrates Bathukamma by Girls and all ladies this Colorful festival with blossoms of flower as strong devotion and prayers for Godess Laxmi . Young Girls in particular Celebrates this festival to get man of their dream as beloved husband .

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2018 2019 BathukammaWhile Married ladies Celebrate this festival to offer Goddess Laxmi a Thank You prayer and wish to bless their families with Peace and Prosperity .

Bathukamma is pyramid shaped arrangement made up of Fresh selective Flowers such as Lotus ,Pumkin flower ,Marigold etc that have specific importance of festival made on wide Plate .

Mrs India Telangana 2018

Mrs India 2018 2019 2020These flowers are staked on each other in the form of Conical shapes to make Pyramid like shape which can be carried in hands or on Head . Top Stack of Bathukamma is made-up of Gouramma which is made-up of Turmeric symbolizing Goddess Laxmi  this Bathukmma  denotes embodiment of Goddess Laxmi .

Bathukamma can be carried on Hands or Head by Ladies and Girls and will be immersed in River or Ponds which is start of Autumn season which Sharad Ritu .

Mrs India Telanagana 2018 Contestant depicted this Festival very Beautifully .

Mrs India Telangana 2018 :


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