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Mrs India 2017 -Beauty with Heart

Mrs India 2018 Apply nowSilence is a Language, Hear it understand it, address it . Sometimes Silence need to be heard.

When Sleep isn’t a Sleep anymore, but an Escape,It is unending tiredness that one need to awake from.

When I say “I am Ok” Understand I am not ,All I need is Help .

Its Battle that I need to Win Every day, I need attention, I need Help I need a Hug !

Yes, its Depression another Word for Pain that gone unheard many a times. That ended many lives ,ruined many present and futures .In today’s competitive World and every challenging lifestyle everyone is going through tremendous depression that sometimes takes Toll on People and sometimes on Life.

He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words. – Elbert Hubbard

It’s time to understand, share and bring awareness Depression.

Mrs India South Runner-up and Mrs India Finalist Mamta Trivedi from Hyderabad decided to Open-up with Depression and working actively on it.

Being mother of two Teenage Children’s Mamta Trivedi understands what a Depression can do to younger generation. So to bring awareness about Depression and its consequences Mrs India Finalist Mamta Trivedi hosted an Event Open-up with Depression. Where Mrs. Mamta Trivedi addressed eminent Audience and press about Depression, on this occasion the Chief Guest, Dr. Aban Daver a renowned Doctor of Hyderbad was present as well.

Open-up with Depression 

Mrs India 2018 Contest

Mrs. Mamta Trivedi emphasised on the need to share responsibilities rather than divide responsibilities. She urged people to be fit, eat healthy, stay happy and pledge to fight against depression. Roshni Trust, another NGO with which Mrs. Mamta Trivedi is associated, appealed to the audience to open up and express themselves. They provided details of helplines on which people suffering from depression can reach out to them in confidence. She described her many experiences with people who suffered from depression, including her mother who went into depression after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Mrs India 2018 ContestShe recounted her visits to the mental hospital and her interactions with patients, shared her insights gained from talking to women from rural areas and her observations about the changes in society such as breakdown of the joint family system and gender discrimination becoming a reason for depression.

Dr Aban Daver on Depression an Professional Advise :

Addressing the issue from a clinical perspective, Dr Aban Daver later spoke about her 5 decades of experience in dealing with patients, symptoms of depression and the types of treatment given to such patients.

Mrs India 2018 Contest

Mamta shared her life changing experience with Mrs. India and here after want to bring difference to society though same platform and to put forward her views.

Mrs India 2018 Mamta Trivedi

Mrs. Mamta Trivedi has launched a film “Lets Open up on Depression”, which was exclusively shot to exhort people, particularly the youth, to open up about depression and take a pledge to fight against depression.

Mrs India 2018 ContestThe event, held at Prasads Auditorium Banjara Hills Hyderabad, was attended by more than 200 people apart from members of the print and electronic media. It received wide coverage in the newspapers and was aired on Television.

Mrs India 2018 Contest

Mamta Trivedi truly is a Role Model ,who started Modelling post her winning at Mrs India and now seen on prestigious promotional of Telangana state . We are so proud of our Queen, lets join ours hands together and become the part of Mamta Trivedi’s Chapter “Lets Open up on Depression”

Mrs India 2018 ContestMrs India 2018 ContestMrs India 2018 ContestMrs India 2018 Contest



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