Mrs India 2017 2018 Winner Kalpana Thakur

Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur:

Mrs India 2017 Winner :We have seen delightful Celebrations of Mrs India’s Queen and Mrs India Winners, We at Mrs India have Celebrated their beauty and Talent. It’s time that we Celebrate contribution of our Queens of Mrs India towards Society. As our Queens are not merely a Models but they are Role models, their View are Crucial to us.

For Mrs India Pageants it is very important that opinion of Mrs India’s Queens is been heard and their efforts are being noticed and recognized. This not only helps Mrs India Queens to move forward but encourages many others to follow footprints of Mrs India’s Queens. Because our Queens on one who bring difference to the society.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur:

While whole World is witnessing aftermaths of Climate Change, we all know Environment awareness is need of Hour, Climate change is not Alarming anymore but now it has started playing Havoc in the World, still how many of us have at least given a thought of doing our Duty or even a single effort to protect our Nature as responsible Citizen of Earth?

However, there are few Heroes who are trying hard to rectify these crucial situations, they are Green Heroes who have taken stand to protect Environment and stayed committed towards it.


Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur

Mrs India Pageant have that Hero on Board!

At Mrs India We are proud to say that we have One Such Green Hero who is winner of Classic Mrs India 2017 Title Kalpana Thakur, who is been bestowed with many awards such as Environmentalist of the Year, Tribal Today. National Media has covered her work to share with World inspirational work of Kalpana Thakur.

Mrs India 2017 Winner :



Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur a Green Crusader

Our Beautiful Kalpana Thakur who dwells in the Arms of Snow Mountain called Himanchal Pradesh.

A Magnificent State known for its breath-taking Landscapes, Lush Green Valleys and mountains covered with Snow, One of most visited and favorite Tourist Attraction in India. Our Classic Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur Lives in the state famous for its Juicy Apples.

Queen belong to Himanchal Pradesh whose attraction is not only Wonderful Climate but it is home for numerous Heritage Sites and architectures that have seen changing Face of India and witnessed many Chapters of History ,be it Kalka–Shimla Railway line built by the Britishers Century back, which is World Heritage site in India and now listed under a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or be it ancient temples built back in 10th Century this beautiful state have it all.

Mrs India 2017 Winner :

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Mrs India 2017 winner take pride of being Yourself :

Kalpana Thakur takes pride in being “Himanchali” and Queen Strongly feels it is her responsibility to protect these Beautiful Landscapes that Mother nature has given and Heritage that our ancestors have built for us.

My heart really wrenches to watch helplessly Climate Change of my Beautiful state that is known for its Climate itself, I get disturbed to see heaps of Plastic Choking rhythmic flow of waterfalls in my Valley. It makes me angry when I see even educated people through Garbage on road. I simply cannot turn a blind eye towards it.

Mrs India 2017

Mrs India 2017 Winner:

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It was constant battle of thoughts in my mind, one fine day One I thought, why can’t I Stop it? Why can’t I do something to reduce it? and then I found the Answer If I have a will, I can do it and I will!. After that Moment, I have never seen back.

Mrs. India Winner lives by Word- Be the Change you wish to see

I started Crafting things out of Waste Plastics, Whenever I saw someone throwing used Plastic Bottles on Road I use to pick it up, Craft it and gift it Back to person who has thrown it on road. In the starting people use to find it funny, they laugh at me, my family couldn’t understand what’s going on within my mind. But I so was determined and continued my work without any hesitation.


Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur (1)


Soon I noticed peoples attitude is changing towards me, they started respecting my efforts and minimized littering here and there. This change was such a pleasant surprise that encouraged me to do more, I really felt accomplished when My Husband said he is very proud of me. soon he joined hands with me towards my cause of protecting out Mother Nature.

Mrs India Winners Passion is now Profession:

Kalpana Thakur a Hotelier by profession and Green Crusader by Passion is now Classic Mrs India 2017 Winner who believes in we can bring changes in society may be even with Small steps but we can certainly do it.

Kalpana feels every small effort is blessed by Mother Earth. We take so much from Mother Earth every day we Humans are very miniscule to return anything to Mother Nature but at least we can take efforts to Minimise the damage we are doing to our Eco System. If we all come together we can certainly protect our environment.

Mrs India 2017 Winner :

Mrs India Winner Kalpana Thakur


Mrs India 2017 Winner says its time Act Now:

Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur said When I started exploring more and more, I realized it’s not only changing climate, this is a health Hazard that is impacting us in every possible way, this pollution is not only disturbing Heap of plastic but this poison is going through our Food, impacting health and our wellbeing. This is showing its cruelty right from birth of infant till cause deaths due to Cancerous.

Mrs. India 2017 Winners Mantra – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur started exploring ways to reduce environmental pollution and started implementing it. As someone said it right Charity Starts from work Home, being a Hotelier Kalpana first decided to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle resources required at home and Hotel.

Apart from optimizing resources at Mrs India Kalpana Thakur gives Sessions on how to recycle Waste. If you visit Her Hotel you will see a Beautiful Craft Gallery decorated out of Recycled Waste.

Mrs India 2017 Winner :

Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur 2018


Mrs India 2017 Winner – Wears a Message:

Classic Mrs. India 2017 Winner Kalpana is not only a brave and beautiful Queen but there is an Artist inside of her that started articulating Beautiful Crafts out of Waste. Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur turns Waste into beautiful craft in such a way that it is difficult to believe that it is made-up of Waste.

Mrs. India Pageant saw one such beautiful creation by Kalpana Thakur at Grand Finals of Mrs. India 2017 where she Donned Traditional Laul Spiti attire adorned with Traditional Jewels made-up of Waste.

It was difficult to believe that that these Beautiful Ornaments are made-up of waste, by doing this Kalpana not only showcased her Culture on National Platform but Queen gave a Very Strong message that its time to wake-up and take a Control before it’s too late.

Watch Making of Mrs India 2017 Winners National Costume:


Mrs India 2017 Winner is all to Protect Present and Preserve for Future

Classic Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur is very well aware that bringing Change is not easy its requires inspiration, selfless dedication and endless efforts. Changing society is neither easy nor work of single person it takes lots of efforts and Zeal to excel.

Without having any expectation Mrs India 2017 Kalpana Thakur took a Lead and started taking steps towards going green to her surprise she found followers today who are following her path to maintain Ecology.

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Mrs India 2017 Winner is Leader a Green Crusader

Green Crusader Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur ,is one of very few Greenpreneurs of India who are been recognized by many institutions and honored with many awards

A leader like Kalpana Thakur who is passionate and committed to make difference, one who is working hard to protect present and preserve for Future certainly a Role Model.

At Mrs India we salute our Queen Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur a  for her endless commitment towards Environment and her every single effort to protect it.

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