Mrs India Celebrates Halloween Mrs India Tamilnadu

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Mrs India Tamilnadu Celebrates Halloween

Mrs India Celebrated Halloween a very much Western Celebration in Indian way that too in Bollywood Style ,Ohh Yes Very much Bollywood .Mrs India Tamilnady 2017 Sonali Pradeep on Halloween.

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Mrs India TamilNnadu 2017

Mrs India 2018 2017 Tamilnadu Sonali Pradeep

Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017 Sonali Pradeep is all set to Celebrate Halloween 2017 in her Own special style .Mrs India‘s Queen who is Crowned Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017 is known for her exquisite choice of Costumes and carrying herself with utmost Style and attitude in fact Fashion Icon in her Own way famous in Coimbatore City ,her Home Town.Queen thought of doing something really special on Halloween 2017 and here Queen comes in Bollywood style Spooky Queen for Halloween 2017 Mrs India Tamilnadu Sonali Pradeep from Coimbatore .

Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017

Mrs India 2018 2017 Tamilnadu Sonali Pradeep

Mrs India 2017 :

Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017 Sonali Pradeep Dressed herself in Spooky look of “Mere Dholana Sun” Song from Bhool Bhullaya Movie which was originally Played by Actresses Vidya Balan in HIndi and Shobhana Naryanan in Malayalam Movie.Most of us remeber this song for Ghostly look and Dance which was reacreated by Sonali Pradeep.

Being Trained Bharat Natyam Dance Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017 could not think anything better than this which is perfect Blend of Indian Costume for Western festival , No Wonder Sonali is Fashion Blogger .

Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017

Mrs India’s Queen is Born in Gujrat Kutch ,Married to Malyalee settled in Tamilnadu after marrige is mother of Two Lovely Kids .Queen of Mrs India Tamilnadu is perfect blend of Beauty with brains and her this Avatar for Halloween 2017 is just amazing ,Sonali Pradeep Partcipated in Mrs India 2017 from west Zone and Won Mrs India Sparkling 2017 Sub Title as well.

So what are you planning for Celebrate Halloween 2017 ? If you are inspired by our Queen Mrs India Tamilndu 2017 Sonali Pradeep send us your images .

Mrs India 2018 Tamilnadu 2017Watch Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017 performing at Talent round of Mrs India 2017

What is Halloween ?

Well, Halloween or Hallowe’en (a contraction of All Hallows’ Evening), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a spooky celebration observed every year in a number of countries on October 31 – the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day, also known as All Saints’ Day. In 2017, Halloween falls on a Tuesday. Refence from

Mrs India Tamilnadu Crowning Moment

Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017 2018 Sonali Pradeep (7)

Sonali Pradeep is Crowned by Dr Nalli Kuppysamy as Mrs India Tamilnadu and Queen is active Socialite and have wored on Many Social Causes as well who is Inspirational speaker and Fitness Motivator .

Mrs India Tamilnadu 2017 2018

Mrs India Tamilnadu Crowning Moment :


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